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Digimon Adventure tri 4 Soushitsu Image

Digimon Adventure tri 4 Soushitsu

Following Meicoomon’s rampage and the Reboot, Tai (Taichi) and the others leave behind a distressed Meiko and head to the Digital World. But the partner Digimon that they’ve reunited with have lost their memories. They once again try to forge new connections, but only Biyomon is wary, telling her partner Sora that she doesn’t know anything about the past. While...
Voltron Fleet of Doom Image

Voltron Fleet of Doom

The heroes and villans from both Voltron series (the Lion Voltron and the Vehicle Voltron) team up for the ultimate battle of supremacy with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance!
Chain Chronicle Haecceitas no Hikari Part 2 Image

Chain Chronicle Haecceitas no Hikari Part 2

Set in the land of Yuguto, the people thought that the land they live is the size of the world, but it’s actually divided into several areas, each with a respective king. Even though there were small wars among areas, the kings had roundtable meetings to maintain peace and balance. It was until a dark group of dark monsters appeared…
Defenders of Space Image

Defenders of Space

Nicholas, a hypocritical ruler of the Zinba Empire, wants to expand his territory. His plan is to turn the Earth into his own private colony. His detailed plan starts by cutting off all of Earth’s defense forces by destroying the city of Orion. Meanwhile, a group of youngsters are spending their vacation on Mars. Not until they discover the destruction...
Super Danganronpa 2.5 Image

Super Danganronpa 2.5

Nagito Komaeda wakes up after experiencing death in the Neo World Program. What kind of world he is seeing and why did he wake up? Nagito appears to be in a strange world, including students who have been seen before as well as people who never existed. He is an ordinary boy with no Ultimate Luck, attending an ordinary school....
Fate/Grand Order First Order Image

Fate/Grand Order First Order

The story is set in the year 2015, during the final era over which magic still held a strong influence. The humanity survival and security organization Chaldea was established to observe the world that can only be seen by magic and the world that can only be measured by science; as well as to prevent the final extinction of humanity....