Category: Slice of Life

High School Star Musical OVA Image

High School Star Musical OVA

A new year arrives as the school festival ends. The season has come as Kaou-kai members leave their jobs after doing their final duties. Each musical team prepares for the final big performance for the year, Graduation Ceremony, to show their gratitude. After Itsuki Ootori left Kaou-kai during the school festival, the ex-Team Ootori is not qualified to participate while...
Le Constructeur de Malheur Image

Le Constructeur de Malheur

The 3D Animated short “Le constructeur de malheur” shows the life of a french inventor in the beginning of the 20th century. He’d like to fullfill his personal dream of flying but he fails again and again.
Nick and Noel Image

Nick and Noel

A father named Howard who dosen’t know that his daughter–Sarah has only one Christmas wish–she wants a mother. Noel, her cat, and together with Nick, the dog who lives next door, sets out on a heart pounding adventure to make the little girl’s dream a reality. It takes a lot of love and cooperation, but they learn that wishes that...
Kiwi Image


A melancholic tale of a kiwi who desires to fly. The creature has varied success with his attempts, and there’s an ambiguous ending, but there’s a certain poignancy to the story.
Omoi no Kakera Image

Omoi no Kakera

Hina Satou is a 13-year-old who loves figure skating and lives in a port town in Miyagi Prefecture. After losing her mother in the 2011 earthquake, she and her father are currently living in temporary housing. With sad memories of the earthquake and memories of a gentle mother, the cheerful Hina continues to move toward her dreams.