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Hot Wheels AcceleRacers Image

Hot Wheels AcceleRacers

Dr. Peter Tezla uncovers the technology of the ancient during his excavation. He discovers that intense when a band of humans have to race against the evil racing drones, working for the evil android Gelorum, drivers to see if they have the courage to win the ultimate race and the ultimate power that comes with it. And you wonder why...
Speed Racer Image

Speed Racer

In a world of racing and high-performance engines, Daisuke Mifune’s design of a 30,000 RPM engine still defies belief. After being refused an opportunity to construct a prototype of his dream-design, Mifune walks out of the company. Of course, this decision has a negative impact on his son, Go Mifune, and his dream of joining the company race team and...
Rocket Power Race Across New Zealand Image

Rocket Power Race Across New Zealand

The Rocket kids save up enough money to enter into the New Zealand Junior Waikikamukau Games, an extreme sports competition involving 4 different events. When Otto and the gang realize they will be competing against the kids of the man who beat Ray in the same competition many years ago, it sets the stage for a rivalry that will be...
Rocket Power Image

Rocket Power

Rocket Power is about four friends who are addicted to action and extreme sports. Otto Rocket, his sister Reggie, and their pals Twister and Sam excel at just about every aggressive sport you can imagine. All that competition can get, well, pretty competitive sometimes. So it’s a good thing folks like Otto and Reggie’s dad Ray and his business partner...
Yowamushi Pedal Spare Bike Image

Yowamushi Pedal Spare Bike

These are the recollections of a group of men who bet everything on their bicycles. The central pillars of their respective teams, the third years. New stories revealing their pasts are about to begin!
King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm Image

King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm

The unit Over The Rainbow succeeds in its debut. Aiming to become like the boy band, more students enroll in Edel Rose. Hiro and the others begin practice for the Prism King Cup, an event that is held once every four years. However, a rival called “Schwarz Rose” appears… Who will become the Prism King, the one who can make...
Yowamushi Pedal Movie Image

Yowamushi Pedal Movie

A poster displayed at AnimeJapan revealed that a new Yowamushi Pedal movie will premiere in Summer 2015. It will be an original story written by the mangaka, Wataru Watanabe.