Dreamfall The Longest Journey

Dreamfall The Longest Journey Image Cutscene movie from Dreamfall The Longest Journey Games. The complete story of Dreamfall Chapters – The Longest Journey include all 5 Books. The Longest Journey had established a world consisting of two parallel “twin” worlds: technology-driven Stark and magic-driven Arcadia, separated and kept apart from each other for over twelve millennia by a succession of godlike Guardians of the Balance. The movie was set in 2209 and focused on April Ryan, a Starkian with a rare ability to “Shift” between worlds, who learned that the villainous Vanguard cult had abducted the twelfth Guardian before the thirteenth could take his place, putting the Twin Worlds’ existence in peril. In the course of her adventure, she had rescued the old Guardian and learned that she is a daughter of the ancient White Dragon and that the next Guardian is the Vanguard enforcer Gordon Halloway, who had been pursuing her throughout the game. After convincing Gordon to assume the Guardian’s duties, April left for Arcadia.

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